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Customising clipart

Step-by-step guide to quickly changing clipart colours in Microsoft PowerPoint

If you use PowerPoint, you have access to a huge amount of clip art. In addition to what's included, you can download thousands of pieces of free clip art from Office Online. here's just one example:

Clip art colours don't always fit with what you want. But there's a quick way to impose specific colours on clip art: it's called Recolor. Right-click the image, select Format Object, click the Picture tab, and you'll see the Recolor button towards the bottom of the Format Picture window.

Click on Recolor and you see a list of all the separate colours being used in the image. You can change as many of them as you want. Click on the relevant down-arrow in the New column to select the replacement colour.

You also get the option of changing only fills or changing fills and line colours.

You can preview your changes, deselect any you don't want (by unticking the relevant colour change), and alter the new colour selection at will.

Click OK and the result will be ready for use:

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