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Funding for IT investments

Most businesses realise that investing in IT means investing in improved business efficiency and better communication between staff and customers.

Quote�Investing in IT means investing in improved business efficiency.�End Quote

Did you know that finance for IT solutions is available via your Microsoft partner*? If you want to invest in an IT solution but are worried about the effect on your cashflow MS financing may offer a solution.

Minimum solution value only �1000 (includes software, hardware and services)

Only 1 Microsoft product needs to be included

Buy now, pay later

Arrange a Microsoft Financing deal now and you could benefit from our 50/6 deal; pay �50 per month for 6 months, followed by 36 predictable, regular monthly payments.

What next?

Contact a Microsoft partner for a quote today.

If your Microsoft partner can't help, or if you have a general enquiry about MS Financing you can contact us directly at msfinuk@microsoft.com

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What do you want your PC to help you with?

What do you want your PC to help you with?

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