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Commerce with a conscience

Anita Roddick: can business deliver social change?

Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop and one of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs is a very unusual businesswoman with very ambitious goals.

Since she started her first shop in 1976 she has strived to build a business with a conscience and hers is one of the most extraordinary, exciting and controversial stories in modern business history.

At the 'Commerce with a conscience' event, which took place at The British Library in November 2006, Roddick talked about whether business really can deliver social change. Watch video recordings of her talk exclusively here, on bCentral.

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Dame Anita, founder of The Body ShopLoaded

Click here to play Part 1 of the Anita Roddick talk'No more powerful institution than business' Watch the video [7.02 mins]

Click here to Part 2 of the Anita Roddick talk'Getting down and dirty' Watch the video [14.17]

Click here to play Part 3 of the Anita Roddick talk'Set clear goals and stay positive' Watch the video [8.04]

Click here to play Part 4 of the Anita Roddick talk'Emphasise what sets you apart and keep your sense of outrage' Watch the video [19.25]

Click here to play questions and answers at the eventQuestions and Answers Watch the video [43.30]

'Commerce with a conscience' was the latest in a series of events and workshops designed to inspire and support entrepreneurs and small businesses as part of the Library's recently upgraded Business & IP Centre.

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