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Are you a small business IT consultant? If so, why don't you become a Small Business Specialist? As a Small Business Specialist, you will be in the best position to help small businesses in the UK with their IT.

Qualify, and you will enjoy the following benefits:

Use the Small Business Specialist logo to market to customers

Receive specialised training and readiness opportunities

Obtain opportunities to highlight your expertise through sales and marketing promotions

Gain increased visibility to customers by appearing ahead of other Partners in the Consultant Directory search results

To become a Small Business Specialist, you will need to take the three simple steps below:

1. Join the Microsoft Partner Programme

You will need to enrol in the Microsoft Partner Programme in order to qualify as a Small Business Specialist. By joining this programme, you can extend your market reach, reduce your costs, increase your profitability and help your customers achieve their full business potential.

There are three levels of membership in the Microsoft Partner Programme. The level at which you join is determined by your organisation's level of expertise and the desired level of engagement you would like to have with Microsoft:

Gold Certified Partner, representing the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technology and the closest working relationship with Microsoft

Certified Partner, demonstrating a high degree of competence in working with Microsoft technologies

Registered Member, for organisations interested in accessing resources and aligning themselves more closely with Microsoft technologies. Enrolment is free and only takes a few minutes

As a Partner you will also be listed on our Consultant Directory. Gold Certified Partners are ranked above Certified Partners in the Consultant Directory search results, with Registered Members receiving least exposure.

2. Pass one of two technical exams

3. Pass the Small Business Sales and Marketing Assessment

Join the Microsoft Partner Programme today and take your first step towards becoming a Small Business Specialist.

Sign into Microsoft Small Business+ for free web-based training and software support.

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Find a local Microsoft Small Business Specialist to help with your IT needs

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What do you want your PC to help you with?

What do you want your PC to help you with?

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