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When you buy Microsoft software, you actually buy the right to use that software - otherwise known as buying a software licence. You can buy licences in a number of ways.

Volume licensing

If you are planning on buying multiple licences, volume licensing may be the most cost effective way to purchase software for your business. A volume licence separates the licences from the media, meaning you can install software on all your computers from a single CD. Volume licensing has a number of benefits:

More flexibility. In the same way that you can purchase a car using different payment schemes, such as hire purchase or buying outright, you can choose from a number of payment methods for volume licensing.

Easier management. You don't need to store software boxes, or multiple CDs, as volume licences are managed online.

Lower costs. Volume licensing entitles you to various levels of discount.

Support, training and tools. Volume licensing gives you access to Software Assurance, our software maintenance programme. This entitles you to extra support, training and other benefits.

If you have more than one PC, our simple licensing chooser will help you discover which is the best way for your company to buy software:

What next?

If you want to find out about the best licensing deal for your business, you can contact a Microsoft reseller - there are more details and a list of resellers on the Microsoft Licensing site.

Alternatively, if you need help deciding what software and hardware your business needs, speak to an IT specialist in your area. Our IT consultant directory lets you search for someone local who can help.

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What do you want your PC to help you with?

What do you want your PC to help you with?

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