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The need to secure critical computer systems is becoming an ever increasing priority for many small businesses.

The news is frequently dominated by the latest virus threat or hacker exploit, and spam is rapidly becoming more than an irritation. These issues may affect all businesses, but for small firms they threaten survival - current estimates suggest that 80% of small businesses that suffer a serious computer failure cease trading within two years.

Most small businesses are concerned with the following security issues:

Viruses and spam

Viruses can leave computer systems unavailable for long periods, or even destroy vital data. The increasing volume of spam clogs up servers and wastes time as users are forced to filter their inboxes.

Protecting important information

The increased reliance on computer networks means that more and more sensitive data is stored electronically, and therefore, must absolutely be kept secure.

Abuse or damage of office systems by employees

Sabotage or simple mistakes can result in serious, and costly, disruption.

Small businesses may suffer from limited time, money and technical expertise, and as such technologies with built in peace of mind are increasingly attractive - solutions that deliver security as standard. Microsoft?Windows? Small Business Server 2003 is designed to do just that. It delivers a range of technologies that directly address the security issues faced by small firms.

With Windows Small Business Server 2003, you can automatically protect your business information in 15 essential ways:


Enabled firewall closes all external network ports by default, meaning your business will automatically be protected from unauthorised access.


Internet Connection Wizard provides a simple path to securely establish an Internet connection.


Windows Update keeps your software up-to-date with security updates and patches.


Remote Web Workspace allows secure remote access to the business data residing on your server via any Internet browser. As a result, you can access your files and folders when away from your desk or office.


Backup Configuration Wizard simplifies the task of backing up your business data.


My Documents Redirect enables files to be stored on the server where they can be backed up regularly, still enabling users to access a local copy. As a result, you will experience fewer interruptions to your day and, perhaps more importantly, you can continue to use your business documents while they are backed up.


Volume Shadow Copy backs up files so end users can easily restore deleted files without calling their IT professional. This means you can easily restore your accidentally deleted files.


Active Directory and Group Policy helps you to control which employees and technology providers have access to what resources on your network.


Single User Name and Strong Passwords allow access to Windows XP and resources on the Windows Small Business Server 2003 network, protecting against unauthorised access.


Failed network logons are reported to your IT professional or network administrator.


Improved junk mail controls create a black list to lock out known spammers.


Dangerous email attachments are automatically removed upon receipt.


Server Status Reporting Tool sends server performance reports, available via Remote Web Workspace or email to help your IT professional or technology provider, enabling them to keep track of server performance and often solve problems before you even realise they exist.


Remote Access Support makes it easier to assist users no matter where the technical assistance originates.


Policy-based Access Control makes it easier to assist users no matter where the technical assistance originates.

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Security information

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Security information

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