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There are few things more frustrating than knowing you've got the software to automate a manual task, but not knowing how to do it. At bCentral, we know that lots of people never use Microsoft Office to even a fraction of its full potential.

Quote�These programs can not only help you do things faster - they can also do things you couldn't do before. �End Quote

Microsoft Word is much more than a glorified word processor. Excel is more than a calculator with a few extra functions. These programs can not only help you do things faster - they can also do things you couldn't do before.

The problem, as always, is learning how to use the software properly. That takes time, and of course - if you want a professional to show you how it's done - money. That's where our expert, Simona Milham, can help.

Simona is a member of the Microsoft Presentation team. She travels Europe demonstrating Microsoft software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. In fact, there aren't many people out there who know more about how Microsoft software works. And there are even fewer who can explain it in plain English - she's a former IT trainer who's used to talking to people who aren't geeks, so you always get a straightforward explanation.

We asked Simona to record a few tutorials showing you how to do useful things with some of Microsoft's most popular software. She's covered things like sending an email newsletter, making your own brochures and analysing your customer data. It takes a few minutes to watch each tutorial, and you can pause or rewind if you want to try it out for yourself while you watch.

You can watch all the videos from Simona's homepage.

The small print

All Simona's tutorials are in Windows Media format, so you'll need to have Windows Media Player on your computer to watch them. It comes with Windows XP, but if you don't already have it you can download it here. For the best quality, we also recommend watching the videos over a broadband connection and setting the video size to 100%. And don't forget to turn your speakers up!

What next?

Here are links to some of Simona's most popular tutorials. The rest are available from the Office Expert homepage.

Powerful presentations
Make your presentations slick and interesting

Email merge
Send personalised emails to your customers

CRM for your business
Track every contact with every customer and provide exceptional service

We've got lots more advice to help you use Microsoft Office. Check out our How To... guides, and our tips and tricks. We also feature new Microsoft Office tips and tricks every month in our free newsletter. See some examples and sign up now.

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