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Top 10 benefits of Word 2007

How the latest Word helps create great looking content - faster

Microsoft Office Word 2007 helps people create and share professional-looking content by combining a comprehensive set of writing tools with an easy-to-use interface. Here are the top 10 ways Office Word 2007 can help you create professional-looking content faster.

1. Spend more time writing and less time formatting

A new, results-oriented interface presents the right tools when you need them, making it easy to format your documents quickly. Now you can find the right features in Office Word 2007 to make your documents communicate more effectively. Using Quick Styles and Document Themes, you can quickly change the appearance of text, tables, and graphics throughout the entire document to match your preferred style or colour scheme.

2. Communicate more effectively with SmartArt diagrams and new charting tools

New SmartArt diagrams and new a new charting engine help you create great-looking content with 3D shapes, transparency, drop shadows, and other effects.

3. Quickly assemble documents using Building Blocks

Building Blocks in Office Word 2007 can be used to assemble documents from frequently used or predefined content such as disclaimer text, pull quotes, sidebars, cover pages, and other types of content. This will help ensure you don't spend needless time recreating content or copying and pasting between documents; it also helps ensure consistency across all of the documents created within your organisation.

4. Save as PDF or XPS directly from Office Word 2007

Office Word 2007 offers you a choice for sharing documents with other people. You can convert your Word documents to Portable Document Format (PDF) or XML Paper Specification (XPS) format without the addition of third-party tools to help ensure broad communication with users on any platform.

5. Publish and maintain blogs directly from Office Word 2007

You can now publish blogs directly from Office Word 2007. You can configure Office Word 2007 to link directly to your blog site, and use the rich Word experience to create blogs with images, tables, and advanced text formatting features.

6. Master your document review processes using Office Word 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

With built-in workflow services in Office SharePoint Server 2007, you can initiate and track document review and approval processes from within Office Word 2007 to help accelerate review cycles across your organisation without forcing people to learn new tools.

7. Connect your documents to business information

Create dynamic Smart Documents that update themselves by connecting to your back-end systems using new document controls and data bindings. By using the new XML integration capability, organisations can deploy intelligent templates to assist people in creating highly structured documents.

8. Remove tracked changes, comments, and hidden text from your documents

Detect and remove unwanted comments, hidden text, or personally identifiable information using the Document Inspector to help ensure that sensitive information doesn't escape when your documents are published.

9. Use the tri-pane review panel to compare and combine documents

Office Word 2007 makes it easy to find out what changes were made to a document. A new tri-pane review panel helps you see both versions of a document with deleted, inserted, and moved text clearly marked.

10. Reduce your file sizes and improve corrupt file recovery

The new Ecma Office Open XML Formats offer a dramatic reduction in file size as well as improvement in recovery for damaged files. These new formats provide a tremendous savings to storage and bandwidth requirements, and reduce the burden on IT personnel.

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