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New tools to help you prepare and present

The ability to effectively communicate your ideas to clients, colleagues, investors and team-members is the cornerstone of success in today's business world.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the presentation creation and delivery tool that helps you communicate your ideas in a clear and concise manner by providing you with a set of easy to use tools to help get your message across.

PowerPoint offers a full palette of tools and effects to help you create attention-grabbing professional-looking presentations to clearly communicate your message.

New productivity features in the form of Task Panes and Smart Tags introduced with Office XP and enhanced in Office 2003 help you find and take advantage of the full range of PowerPoint's tools. The Slide Design Task Pane for example lets you easily discover your design options, and includes design templates, colour and animation schemes.

PowerPoint also comes with a variety to diagrams like organisation charts, radials and Venn diagrams that you can insert into your presentations to help you communicate business ideas and concepts.

If you're after a specific type of effect and can't find the one you're after, you can simply jump to the Clips Online library on the web, where you'll discover thousands of multimedia clips waiting to be used.

PowerPoint 2003 moreover integrates with Windows Media Player, so you can play streaming audio and video from within a slide show.

And the reliability features introduced with Office XP help ensure that your productivity isn't interrupted if an error should occur. Your presentation is simply saved and the application shut down without a fuss.

The latest versions of PowerPoint give you the tools you need to collaborate on presentations - regardless of your team's geographic location.

Now new and improved tools make it easy to share and collaborate on presentations over the Web, and you can even use the Web to broadcast live or recorded presentations around the world.

PowerPoint's Send for Review feature moreover helps you to seamlessly request comments from your team and provides them with the tools they need to make revisions to the presentation. Then, when their comments are returned to you, it is a simple matter to merge the changes back into the original document.

PowerPoint now offers Presenter Tools to help you when presenting your ideas. Now you have your own view, invisible to your audience, that includes details of what bullet or slide is coming next. Presenter tools also give you a convenient view of your speaker notes, and provide you with the power to quickly jump to any slide in your presentation.

And with PowerPoint 2003 you are given the ability to easily save your presentation to CD-Rom, and add the PowerPoint viewer to the CD for those recipients who don't have the programme. So after your presentation, why not provide your audience with something to take away with them?

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The best way to see if PowerPoint 2003 is right for your business is to give it a go. You can order a 60-day free trial of Microsoft Office 2003, which includes PowerPoint.

You can also get more information about the other Office System programs.

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