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New mums keen on a start-up

Thu, 01 Feb 2007 17:36:01 GMT

New mothers are becoming a "powerhouse of creativity" in setting up new businesses, according to research by Tesco Business Credit Card.

The group's survey shows that women are most likely to start up a firm after the arrival of their first born.

Women were also found to be the proverbial early birds regarding a start-up, with females being more likely to set up a business between the age of 25 to 34.

Women also cited desired flexibility as the reason for commencing a business, whereas men were more likely to become self-employed because they wanted to earn more money.

Monica McCormack, spokesperson for Tesco Business Credit Card, said: "Our study suggests that mothers may be having a bigger impact on the dynamism of Britain's economy than anyone previously imagined.

"They appear to be a powerhouse of creativity, which is only to be encouraged."

However, the survey also said that despite the burgeoning influence of women on the business horizon, they were likely to earn less than men, with two thirds earning less than £50,000.

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