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An increasing number of people in the UK are generating income from online sources. Whether it is running a fully fledged and full time online trading business or partaking in a 'weekend only' hobby that earns enough to cover the weekly wine bill, home offices are becoming hotbeds of entrepreneurial activity.

Quote�Many eBay entrepreneurs are women who have left the workforce�End Quote

Recent figures from eBay show that nearly 70,000 people in this country are making a living by selling goods on their site with items worth a staggering �2 billion sold on eBay's UK site in the last year alone. The company also claims a large rise in the number of part-timers; people earning at least 20% of their total income from trading on the auction site. Many of these eBay entrepreneurs are women who have left the workforce after having children and use the auction site as a way to run a business from their home.

Scoop cash on Scoopt

But eBay is not the only platform for generating income online. Scoopt is a site that pays you to send in your snaps and photos. You sign up, free of charge, then snap anything interesting and newsworthy (using a camera phone, digital camera, or even a disposable film instamatic), send it in to Scoopt, they do their utmost to sell the photos to newspapers, magazines etc and, hey presto, if they make a sale, the proceeds are split with you 50/50. Not a bad deal at all.

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Rev up your money-making on Revver

If taking photos isn't your forte, how about getting started with Revver. You sign on to the site - again free of charge - upload a video and Revver attaches a short advert to the end of your video which you get paid for every time someone watches it. The Revver website has tens of thousands of viewers so if your video gets high ratings, the more people will watch it and, the more people watch it, the more you earn. As the advert is embedded in the video, you get paid no matter where your video is distributed. As with Scoopt, income is split 50/50 between you and Revver.

These are just three sites that allow you to do what you enjoy, whilst they take care of sales and distribution. Many more are appearing, offering income-generating opportunities in self-publishing and uploading artwork. There has never been a better time to head into that home office, log on and start earning!

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