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Five activities that can be outsourced

Emma Jones recommends one tip for ambitious home business owners looking to grow the business but not wanting to move out of home; focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

Here are 5 ideas for starters on what can be outsourced:

Accounts - unless you are in the accountancy business, this is almost a must to be outsourced. Monthly payroll/accounts/VAT returns/corporate tax returns all take time for the untrained professional and it is time you can't afford. A cost/benefit analysis is likely to show that it is cheaper to outsource to an accountant.

Administration - you will know the admin that has to be kept in-house due to client sensitivities or your own sense of control but there may be other items that you feel just don't deserve your time. For these items, identify a Virtual PA, of which there are a growing number. Mainly home-based, Virtual PA's come with secretarial and administration experience and relish doing the jobs that you hate.

Business Development - if making a sales call fills you with terror but you know it is vital to the future growth of the business, consider employing a telemarketing company that will generate leads and make appointments for you. Companies such as Great Guns Marketing www.greatgunsmarketing.co.uk and 365direct are experts in this field.

Design & copywriting - a growing number of highly talented freelance designers and copywriters are ready to assist you in producing marketing materials and text for proposals/websites etc. Prices tend to be competitive so, again, likely to be more cost effective for a qualified designer or wordsmith to do the job, leaving you time to focus elsewhere.

PR - critically important to find the PR individual/company that is right for you as there are too many stories of home business owners not getting the results expected. If you do find the right match, this outsourced arrangement can deliver enhanced profile and revenue. Ideally, go with a PR professional who understands your business/industry, has contacts with the right journalists/publications and works on a results-based fee.

Now, with all that taken care of, it's time for you to do what you do and watch this business grow!

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