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Working during the summer

How to enjoy both the sun and work

Flexible working

I do not recall a summer like it. Under bright blue skies comes grey and downcast news from the world of corporate offices. Following hot on the heels of property research showing office sizes being squeezed so that people are practically holding hands with their neighbouring colleagues, came the revelation that when the sun comes out, the number of "sickies" taken by office employees simply soars.

Quote�Employees working from home would not need to call in sick�End Quote

It seems that office life is not working out for either the employer or the employee. But there is another way that involves homeworking.

Employers are disgruntled about the lack of productivity from staff who would prefer to enjoy the sun rather than undertake a hot and uncomfortable commute to an overcrowded office. Yet if employees were allowed to work from home they would not need to call in sick as they could work, enjoy the sun and then work again in the cool evening hours.

For the first time in my property-owning life I have a garden and I do admit to spending time in it during a working day but this does not mean my work suffers. Far from it. Along with the other millions of homeworkers, I am more productive than office-based workers as there is no time spent commuting and the peace and quiet means full attention is given to the job in hand.

Shiny, happy people

As well as being more productive, homeworking employees tend to be happier and healthier people. This will be even more pronounced with the property research referred to above.

Quote�Homeworkers tend to be happier and healthier�End Quote

In the research, property experts explain that, in order to cut costs, corporate offices are shrinking by up to a third. This is causing consternation amongst employees that can clearly be seen on the BBC message board, where one contributor refers to the fact that she has to sit so close to her working peers that she can smell them.

This is no incentive to get up and head for work each morning. Imagine instead working in an aroma of richly ground coffee, fresh cut flowers and your favourite scent. Working from home means being able to choose the character of your own environment.

Whether you are an employer looking at ways to maintain morale or an employee looking for decent working conditions, then seriously consider homeworking this summer. You will reap the rewards in increased productivity, a better sense of wellbeing and have time left over to enjoy the sun!

What next?

Start a Bed & Breakfast, and have a perfect summer at home! Emma Jones explains more.

Visit the Enterprise Nation website for more information on basing your small business at home.

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