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How many email messages can I send every month?

The List Builder introductory plan lets you send up to 1,000 email messages per month. With the regular plan, you can send up to 10,000 email messages per month. To send more than 10,000, you can purchase email credits.

Can I send one email newsletter in different formats?

Yes. List Builder lets you send your email newsletter in text format as well as in rich HTML format up to 250 KB in size.

Can I collect demographic information about list subscribers?

Yes. When you sign up as a list owner, you gain access to demographic information from the ListOwnerControlCenter. You can customise this information to suit your business needs. New subscribers supply this information when they sign up. Then, you can target email messages to specific audiences based on the information collected.

Can I send more than 10,000 email messages?

Yes. List Builder offers an option to purchase additional email credits after you sign up. To purchase, log in to List Builder. Click Payment Options, and then type in the number of email credits that you want.

Does List Builder let me target a specific group of consumers?

Yes. You can send email messages to a specific group based on their demographic information (except postcode code).

Are there templates to help me create an effective newsletter?

Yes. You can send a professionally formatted email message, whether you know HTML or not. List Builder provides you with a choice of templates and a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Is there a way to preview my newsletter before sending it to subscribers?

Before you send out your email campaign, use the built-in preview and test features. Another way to test is to send the newsletter to your personal email account. Try opening your newsletter using the different email programs that your customers might use.

Can a newsletter subscriber easily update his or her information or unsubscribe completely?

Yes. List Builder automatically places a link at the bottom of your newsletter that allows users to update their information or unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Can I track how many users open my newsletter?

Yes. When you send an HTML-format newsletter, you can keep track of how many people open it. You can also track which newsletter links your subscribers click.

Can I import a list of subscribers from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

Yes. You can import customer information from a number of third-party applications into your List Builder customer database.

Can I add custom questions to my sign-up form?

Yes. You can add questions to help you better identify your customer base.

How do I know if the messages in my email campaign were sent successfully?

List Builder gives you the option to track campaign statistics. You can review the number of email messages sent along with the number of logged responses.

Can I save a version of my email newsletter even if it's not finished?

Yes. While you are working on an email campaign, you can save your work whenever you need to stop.

How do I know if someone joined my list?

You can set an option to receive a daily report listing new subscribers along with those who unsubscribed or removed due to an invalid address.

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